Aline Henricot, professional riderPaddock and pastures at the H-Stables stud farmEnvironmentally-friendly equestrian fencingSalt-treated wooden fence postWooden pasture gate - The H-Stables breeding and dressage stable in Corbais (Belgium)Wooden fencing for horses in dark colours

The H-Stables breeding and dressage stable in Corbais (Belgium)

Aline Henricot has chosen environmentally-friendly fencing for her stable in Walloon Brabant.

Professional rider Aline Henricot is also the owner of the H-Stables stud farm. This dressage stable trains future champions in show jumping.

To achieve this level of performance, the infrastructure must be of impeccable quality.

"Durafence fencing with DeepProtect treatment is better for the environment"

This is one of the reasons why Aline and her partner opted for the Durafence system. As Aline's partner works for Gregory Wathelet, he was already familiar with the quality and durability of these wooden fences for horses. So it was only natural that the couple turned to Peter Müller to install new fencing around the paddock and large pastures.

Treating the wood with DeepProtect salt impregnation (shown in the video in Dark) protects the wood. And, to a certain extent, this alternative to creosote is better for the horses and, of course, for the environment too. All that remains now is to add an additional electrification system to prevent horses from nibbling the wood.

View the infrastructure on video

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