DURAfence fencing system

DURAfence fences - Fencing system
Wooden fence - durafence - Fencing system

DURAfence – Systematic paddock fencing

Configure your customized wooden fencing meeting your individual requirements and quality criterions thanks to our DURAfence fencing system. Choose between several post types, impregnations, rails and gate implementations and receive a solution that perfectly fits the natural scenery.

Every DURAfence fence is unique and individually adjustable according to the topographical conditions.

Individually configured fence

1 - Height of fence

fence height
  • 185 cm
  • 155 cm
  • 130 cm

The species and character of the enclosed animal(s) is the key factor influencing height above ground and assembly type. For more information, please ask our specialists.

With 2,3 or more rails - depending on the fence height.

2 - Rail type & number

The choice and assembly of the rails impacts the look and long term stability of your pasture fence

  • half-round timber
  • round timber
  • poling board
  • rails 2
  • rails 3
  • rails 4

By request and depending on requirements we provide your wooden fence with a powerful electric device (rope, tape or wire) - according to European safety standards.

3 - Post Type

When choosing the post type for your fence you have to consider aspects like topography, budget, urgency and aesthetics. For our DURAfence fencing system we privilege the excellent quality assets of the local spruce for cundy peeled posts and the special properties (higher percentage of sapwood) of pinewood for machine rounded posts. If required, we also provide tropical wood from sustainable cultivation.

Chose between:

  • Cundy peeled post for a good value quality fence
  • Machine rounded post for cylindrical aesthetic

If your terrain allows, you have the possibility to choose between the following alternatives:

  • Unplaned square post
  • Planed square post
  • Drilled and machine rounded post

Cundy peeled post
Machine rounded post
Rouded with with semicircular holes
Rouded with with circular holes
Rouded with with elongated holes
Square post, unplaned or planed
half-round timber
half-round timber
round timber
poling board
poling board

4 - Impregnation & Dyeing

With DeepProtect, a new kind of impregnation treatment, the DURAfence fencing system is setting new standards in terms of long life and sustainability.

Impregnation & Dyeing
Impregnation & Dyeing

Gentle salt impregnation treatment in 3 colours

As well as the classic olive green look of the salt impregnation treatment, the DURAfence range also offers a more aesthetically pleasing version with brown or black salt colouring:

  • olive
  • brown
  • dark

5 - Gate execution

DURAfence field gates are precision artwork. Through our modern numerical control computer we're able to work exact to the millimetre, so as to every single piece fits perfectly into the other. Thereby the timber frame must be mortised and bolt down correctly. For additional stability, the timber frame always needs a safety strut.

Professionally manufactured, assembled and adjusted, perfectly lined up with the fence, our wooden gates open and close perfectly even after years of usage. We manufacture every gate as single gate - up to 3,50 m - or double gate. All gates are lockable if desired.

You choose between:

  • Panda Modell Panda
  • Buffalo Modell Buffalo
  • Cheval Modell Cheval

We advise and support land owners and studs in configuring pasture and paddock fences that harmonically fit the individual topographical conditions of their terrains. Thanks to modern equipment and qualified personnel, we guarantee:

Bespoke fencing

All our fences are bespoke designs, tailored to the individual requirements and needs of our customers.

Electrified fences

Our fences can be additionally equipped with electric strips or wires to further increase the protection they afford. The combination of these two types of fence is ideal as it prevents horses from pushing against the transverse beams, while the protective function is always maintained in the event of a power failure.

Electrified fences
Electrified fences
Electrified fences

Fences with mesh

In some cases, a paddock fence needs to be fitted with an additional mesh to prevent young animals from escaping or wild animals from entering. We offer various tailor-made solutions for this purpose that are perfectly adapted to your requirements: galvanised knotted mesh, with or without barbed wire etc.

Fences with mesh
Fences with mesh

wood fence system - Fencing system
Wood fencing DURAfence - Fencing system