This configurator allows to to describe your fence in a few simple steps. After collecting all technical apsects of your fence, you may send us a quote request without any obligation.

If the configurator does not allow for all options, or if your prefer more personal advice, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

 Configure your fence online now

Step 1 : Design

Define here the general appeareance of your DURAfence fencing

1. Heigth of the fence

2. Number of rails

3. Post type

4. Rail type

5. Post impregnation

Note: The colours represented in the schemes are not binding. It is preferable to base on a representative sample, because actual product colours may vary depending on the type of wood or the impregnation product. Also note that the colour could change over time or with the weather conditions.

The right choice for horse paddocks

The right choice for horse tracks

Other solutions

Step 2 : Gates

Choose one or more wooden gates :

Choose a gate

Step 3 : Terrain

This screen allows you to optionnally define the location and dimensions of your fence. Use the + and - buttons to zoom onto your location and draw the contour of your fence by placing several markers on the map.

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Step 4 : Contact

Thank you. The configuration of your fence finished. You may send us your personal data to request a detailed quote for delivery and the installation of your DURAfence fencing system.

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