Installation service for paddock fencing

Installation service - Enclosures & Gates
Installation service - Enclosures & Gates

The assembly of a paddock fence requires know how and professional tools. Only a careful and professional installation guarantees a great and lasting deal of pleasure in the fence. Individually configure your DURAfence paddock system and let our professional fence errectors do the construction work in a very short time. However, clients can assume the assembly of the fencing by their own on simple demand. 

What to pay attention to when constructing a paddock?

  • The poles have to be under ground at least 1/3 of their total length.
  • Poles and rails have to be equally arranged and represent a consistent height.
  • Ideally, the rails are fixed on the inner side of the fence, to prevent horses to simply push them out over time.
  • ...

You'll find more insights on how to construct a quality paddock fencing in our blog.

Professional tools allow an easier construction

The poles should be rammed in the ground by a vibrating post driver. The pole pushes aside the soil and packs it at the same time. This way, the pole stands solidly in the soil. Thanks to a special attachment, impeding a rotation of the pole, it is even possible toram square-cut poles into the soil. There is no need for a costly concrete grounding.

The fixing of the rails takes some time. Thanks to our professional tools, we are able to mount them efficiently. Our ambition: perfectly mounted battening, guaranteeing high stability and aesthetic standards. The paddock gate requires special attention and some expertise in order to guarantee a flawless working order over many years.

You choose your preferred solution

The construction of a DURAfence Paddock System needs always to be done by at least 2 persons. There are two solutions:

  • Our mounting team builds a ready to use paddock at record speed.
  • The customer carries out the whole construction with his own tools and on his own responsibility.

If you wish to have further information about the assembly of wooden paddock fences, personal consultation or a non binding offer, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Installation service - Enclosures & Gates
Installation service - Enclosures & Gates
Installation service - Enclosures & Gates
Installation service - Enclosures & Gates