DURAfence wood fences, in harmony with the landscape

Wooden fencing should be durable and sturdy and also blend in well with its environment.

This is why we construct robust and lasting fencing that meet the needs of even the most powerful of animals.

Attractive horse or paddock fencing with sturdy gates that merge perfectly with the landscape.

DURAfence, the wooden fence that meets all your needs

DURAfence, the wooden fence that meets all your needs

With the DURAfence fencing system, design the wooden fence you need according to highest quality standards. We have been in partnership with owners of riding schools and stud farms for more than 30 years.

We advise and support them in designing reliable and attractive fences for their horses.

  • Strong and long-lasting

    Longer life thanks to our innovative DeepProtect impregnation treatment

  • Naturally beautiful

    Choice of 3 attractive colours: OLIVE, BROWN or DARK

  • Eco-friendly and local

    Locally manufactured from regional wood, sourced from sustainably managed forests

  • Can be configured according to your requirements

    Various posts, rails and gates which can be combined to meet your requirements

  • Perfectly assembled and secure

    Professionally assembled and perfectly aligned to blend in with the surrounding countryside

  • 30+ years of experience

    Top quality products and professional advice on your premises from the manufacturer.