4 steps towards the perfect horse fence

Are you a horse owner seeking personal advice on planning your fencing?

1.      Exclusive on-site service

Our DURAfence expert will visit your horse breeding farm to assess your individual needs. Personally and on-premises.

2.   Tailored ground analysis

Are your pastures flat, or on a slope? What’s the condition of the soil? Where will the gates be placed? Together, we explore your terrain to create a precise analysis of your needs that leaves no wish unfulfilled.

3.   Perfection in every detail

Which fence is best suited for your animals? What function should a paddock fence serve? From the diverse options at DURAfence, we craft the ideal composition for you (posts, rails, and gates).

4.   Transparent and exhaustive offer

You will receive a detailed quote for your horse fencing solution, including high-quality gates and the option of a worry-free, turnkey fence installation.