Sustainable impregnated horse fence

Impregnation - Enclosures & Gates
Impregnation - Enclosures & Gates

Our new DeepProtect treatment effectively protects horse fences from bad weather and external elements. This protection that we use for our DURAfence system, is now recognized as the new standard for long-lasting wooden horse fences.

This innovative treatment for impregnated wood serves as an alternative to creosote. The production and sale of wood posts/fences impregnated with tar oil has been banned throughout the EU since 2023 due to its environmental harm.

This new process, based on vacuum-pressure treated impregnation with salt, is more environmentally friendly and allows for a greater variety of colours to enhance the appearance of wooden fences for paddocks and host pastures.

Extended lifespan for treated wood

Before impregnating the wood with a salt solution, we make incisions in the lower part of the wooden posts. As this lower part will be buried, it requires the most effective protection.

These incisions allow the salt to deeply penetrate the fence post, ensuring long-term protection against moisture and external threats.


DeepProtect: innovative protection

Compared to traditional salt wood treatments, our technique offers three major advantages:

  • The solution penetrates the posts twice as deep thanks to the incisions.
  • The lifespan of the posts is significantly extended.
  • The choice of colours for wood colouring (olive, brown, or black).

Eco-friendly and reliable wood treatment: a true innovation

With DeepProtect, DURAfence sets the new standard for sustainable wooden fences for horses.

Our high-quality fences are durable and environmentally friendly for the following reasons:

  • We use high-quality pre-dried wood.
  • We use premium chrome-free salts.
  • Our manufacturing process meets current environmental standards.

Fences available in 3 colours

In addition to the classic olive green look, the DURAfence range offers two more aesthetically pleasing variants with brown or black salt colouring.


Durability guarantee

Wood is a natural raw material and impregnation results can vary depending on the character, thickness and processing of the post in question. Information on impregnation depth or quantity of the impregnation product required has been confirmed in our laboratory, but cannot be guaranteed 100%. The lifespan of a post may vary depending on the type of ground and the weather conditions to which it is exposed.

Impregnation - Enclosures & Gates
Impregnation - Enclosures & Gates